Middle School

Each middle school student is required to complete a service program as part of the eighth grade graduation requirements. This program will entail a series of home and community oriented service projects to be performed by each student. The minimum will be a total of 10 hours of service during each school year.

  • Students should perform at least ten hours of service per year.
  • Students should complete a minimum of one hour of service in each of the following three categories: family, Church/community, and school.
  • The student must fill out the form for each project, have it signed by the appropriate supervisor and turn it in to the homeroom teacher.
  • Final acceptance of any project for credit is determined by the middle school faculty.
  • Summer projects may also be used if they are turned in the first week of school in September with the proper documentation.
  • Remember that these are service (volunteer) projects and not paid jobs. If someone insists on paying, that money should be donated to the church, a favorite charity, the mission, etc. if you wish the project for service hours. Please click here to access our service hours form.