About Mr. Sean Slaikeu

I have been in private education my entire career, however my roots go farther back. I attended St. Peter’s in North St. Paul, MN for Kindergarten to 8th grade. After grade school I attended North High and had some terrific teachers. I felt a desire to become a teacher. After high school I attended UW-River Falls and got my degree in Physical Education and Health. From there I decided to get my Masters in Education through St. Mary's. While I was finishing up my master’s program, I felt a calling to continue my education and get another Masters in Administration, so six months after finishing grad school, I started again and received my Administration license in 2012. I taught Physical Education and Health for 8 years and was the part time Assistant Principal for three of those years.

I have over seven years of administrative experience that have helped me develop as an educator, principal, and person. I am married to my lovely wife Jessica, and we have two young girls, Kennedy and Tess. One thing that I love about being a principal is seeing the big picture and how, when we work together, we can do amazing things for children and their families.


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